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  1. I was so glad that we finally got to meet. Enjoyed talking with you & catching up with family news. Not many more left in the family these days. Was so glad that my wife Cecilia found you on the internet. We need to keep in touch.

    • I feel exactly the same way Richard. I am still so excited to find a cousin/relation on my grandma/dad’s side of the family after all these years. We have the same blood running through our veins, and I think that’s a really big deal. If my work or even a trip takes me out anywhere near Kansas City, I’m going to take a detour, and try to do a layover, get a hotel and I’d love to meet you and Cecilia in person.

  2. Mac’s dad is one of my favorite characters of all time! I wish he was my dad. When will you be back on Always Sunny? Are there anymore comedic roles in your future?

    • Thanks Ryan! Ya, Luther is such a sweet guy isn’t he. Such a good dad!Season 12 was supposed to be ‘Sunny’s” last season, but they picked up two more seasons so I hope they bring me back for a couple episodes. I’m always open to more comedic roles. I don’t know if you get amazon prime – but the series Bosch – (they just released season 3) has me playing a likable and sometimes funny role – more realistic of course – the show is a drama – but I’ve been a recurring role on that show for the first three seasons. But you’d have to subscribe to Amazon Prime. I never know what’s coming up in the future. Thanks so much for you support! Take care Ryan, Greg

  3. Hello Gregory

    I have a question. I would like to hire a ghost writer for a script . I have some awesome genres that I would love to combine but I don’t have the experience or know how to pull it off. Do you know anybody that I could hire?


    Mark. MHS class of 1986
    Living in mercer island WA

    • Hi Mark! A fellow Matador! Good to meet you. Anyone I know who has a lot of experience is not going to be cheap or want to work on spec. What I would recommend is finding a young screenwriter who may have studied screenwriting in school – like a local Junior college who has actually learned some basic screenwriting principles and who would be willing to write something for either a smaller amount of money, or maybe you would want to give them a co-writer credit and they would be willing to work on it for free (on spec) – hoping that something big might happen down the line with it. The screenwriters I know are paid to write scripts professionally and they make pretty darn good money for it. It sounds like you might have some great ideas but not the experience in putting a script together. There are a couple of people I know who used to write scripts after taking classes in college – but none of their scripts ended up getting picked up by anybody – which is not unusual. It’s very hard to get a script optioned by someone and actually to get a movie made out of it. They are older now and I don’t know if they would have time at this point – but I could check with one or two of them to see if they would be interested. Send me an emai to talk about this further – the email off this website is gsc@gregoryscottcummins.com Greg

  4. Hi Gregory, I am happy I came across this website and see you interacting with fans, I was trying to find a way to contact you for some time. It may sound like a unlikely story but I am a 21 year old from Canada who spent all of last year and then some living in Los Angeles, over that time things were very rough, however I made friends and carried on, one of those friends was your brother Dave, whom I spent a few months hanging out with, I don’t know how close you are with him but he told me about your successes and it amazed me at what a small world it really is. If you read this I just want to send my best wishes and hope he is doing great, he really helped me out more than I can explain and is one of the strongest people I ever met, if you talk to him tell him Theo says hi, and that he’s doing well. Thanks!

    • Hi Theo, sorry for the delay in responding. Been a little busy lately and haven’t checked up on my website for a bit. Yes, Dave and I stay in touch. He’s doing a bit better now and is back on track again. I will definitely touch base with him and relay your message. He doesn’t have his own email now – but he might have access to one. I’ll pass on your email and if he is able to use one – he might touch base. I also have a facebook page, but this is often the best way to get a message to me. You can always click on the “contact Greg” on the website and it will send me an email as well. Health and happiness to you Theo! Greg

  5. Loved browsing your website. Wanted to say,”Hi”, and Thanks for the Algebra lessons! Will certainly be checking out the roles you have played. I must say however, have so enjoyed meeting, “The Real Person”, if only on The Facebook! You have enlightened my life!!!! Wishing All The Best, for your 2nd Season with Bosch!!! 🙂

  6. Hi I have just seen you in Bosch and you blew me away with your performance .
    You are totally scary but also hilarious in Always Sunny as well .
    I recognise you from some great 80s and 90s films of course .

    Truly love seeing you on screen .You don’t get enough exposure in my mind so get your agent on it !!

    Good luck in everything you do !

    • Hi Steven, thanks so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it. Love being a part of Bosch. And working with those guys on “Sunny” is just so much fun. I should hire you as my publicist! 🙂 Thanks again!

      • Thank You so much for replying to my message !! Only just saw the notification so maybe I wouldn’t be a very good publicist after all ! : )

        I suggest you get your Website designer to add a plugin so that all of us fans can share your replies on Facebook or Twitter etc !!

        Thanks again and have a great day !!

  7. It was great to see you on Bosch and again on Always Sunny this year. Happy holidays to you! I wish you the best in 2016!

    Warmest regards,

  8. With all due respect, I had no idea that you’re a very successful actor…until today, that is. I simply don’t follow movies and television anymore, so it’s nothing personal. (Though I unknowingly saw you in “Purgatory” many years ago.) Today I was researching some old sports associates–yourself included–and what a pleasant surprise! Oh, who is this clown, you wonder? I went to Acalanes and played first base on the Orinda Legion squad. I defected from the Lafayette team to get more playing time, and it was one of the most enjoyable summers of my youth. I know you were a great punter, but you also had flypaper for hands and a pretty good stick as well. Congrats on your success! Take care.

    • Bill! Oh my God! I remember you VERY well! Ya, by our junior “73 and senior years ’74, our Orinda Legion squad couldn’t compete with Lafayette’s team back then. But we sure DID have a lot of fun! Some of the best memories of my childhood was playing baseball, Bronco, Pony, Colt, Legion, and for Miramonte’s teams. Should have never given it up in college – I’m an idiot – loved the game immensely. I recall you rarely had a ball get by you – either over your head or on the ground at first base. Great memories. I’m so glad you touched base How the heck are you? I’ll send you a private message. Damn, great to hear from you! Greg

      • Hey Greg – Thanks for the response. I’ll give you a quick rundown on my relatively boring life through the private messaging. Yeah, we always fell short against Lafayette, but in ’73 we were a pretty solid squad. One of the summer’s major highlights was when Graumann threw a gem against El Cerrito and snapped their win streak. I think they were the defending state Legion champs, a pretty major achievement in California. It was indeed a fun summer, and I think it was the best season I ever had with the bat. And yes, you would have been a very solid college baseball player…but going to classes and playing two sports would have been a pretty tough role to play (pun intended!). Great to hear back from you. – Bill

  9. Mr. Cummins,
    I am so happy that your character Luther was back on Sunny! I think they need to have you on the show more, and even a spinoff! Anyway, thanks for the laughs, and remember to blink! 🙂

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  11. Yes we are niner fans living in WA.It can be intimidating .Once walking to a hawks niner game in seattle we were confronted by a latte drinking software engineer at Starbucks. He asked us for our email so he can hack our account ha ha.I still admire the raiders of the seventies because they had so many colorful characters on the team.Hendricks aka the stork lived in orinda and I grew up with his kids.I wasnt a athlete at MHS except for the occasional 100 yard dash running from the deans from the backfield to the creek off Moraga way. Ha ha.I was into motorcycles dirt and street growing up and still am to this day.I sometimes ride from WA to the Bay Area round trip when I visit my parents on Miner Rd.As far as football is concerned my son is obsessed with the game but he is small for his age so I tell him if he wants to play he’s going to have to be a tough little guy.So I show him players that are small in the NFL and boxing clips of Manny Pacquio so he can get inspired.ill be looking for your different characters .Your artistic creativity and facial expressions are awesome. My wife and I are fans of your work

    Thanks again and can’t wait to see Luther on always sunny

    • Thanks Mark, I appreciate your comments. Jim Otto also lived in Orinda, as well as a few other Raiders over the years. My mom was a big realtor there at the time. Go NINERS (and Raiders) – this year is our year to unseat the Seahawks finally! The episode I’m on this coming season will be the season finale. Take care fellow Orindan!

  12. Hi Greg

    I should have used the Hunter Darnell Hickens mug shot look when I got beat up by the gruesome twosome in orinda.ha ha love that shot

      • Hi Gregory
        I looked at your athletic bio.Im impressed. MHS had quite the FB team back then.Back to Back turkey bowls .You guys looked pretty tough with the long hair.My son is playing his 2nd season pop Warner FB up in mercer island WA.Mercer Island is just like orinda meaning the other towns are out to get us so last season i showed him clips of the oakland raider defense in the seventies and told him to play like them . This season I’m going to show him a picture of Darnell Nickens from hunter and tell him to look like that when he’s playing defense. Ha Ha

        • Hi Mark, Haha – that’s funny! Ya – my senior year we went the Turkey bowl and even though we were a smaller school – they didn’t have divisions then – and we ended up winning and ranked #1 team in the whole east bay area. We finished with only 27 players – and beat an Antioch team that had at least 85 players. Mercer Island – nice- pretty up there. Ya- the early 70’s raiders D was unbelievable! Heck – both sides of the ball – they were feared! I was a baseball player first – didn’t like hitting people or getting hit until my high school senior year – was all skin and bones before that. Are you still a Raider and/or 49er fan – or have you gotten behind the Seahawks. I’m Bay Area sports teams fan for life!

  13. Gregory,
    Just wanted to say that the It’s Always Sunny episodes that feature you are memorable. You bring an intensity to the screen that is authentic and down right palpable.
    I just read an interesting interview with you at: http://maartenbouw.blogspot.com/2011/05/interview-with-gregory-scott-cummins.html?m=1
    I hope that you’ve found some more steady jobs since then. Your stage presence is worthy of attention!
    Have you considered creating a Wikipedia article about yourself?
    Hope all is going well for you. Many blessings.

    • Thank you so much Deanna. Your comments are very kind. Speaking of “Sunny in Philadelphia” I’ll be working on the this season’s season finale espisode – don’t know what they wrote in for my character (Luther), but I always look forward to working with these guys. They are so much fun I’d work with them for free. (Don’t tell them I said that! I still need to make a living! haha) But seriously, it’s not work when I’m with these guys, it’s just a lot of fun. And I’m excited about a new web series made by Amazon Prime called “Bosch”. I’ll have a recurring character on that as well – they just picked up 10 episodes to shoot for it’s first season. Thanks for touching base and stay in touch. Again, I appreciate greatly your support and kind comments.

  14. I friggin’ love Luther on It’s Always Sunny! How do you manage to go so long without blinking though? You’r eyes just seem to pop out of your face, it’s really intense! Hope you get some “bigger” film or tv work soon, cause you really are a good actor! Best wishes from Sweden.

    • Hi Chris, thanks so much. That’s very kind of you. I appreciate your support! Looks like “Sunny” will have my character back this season for at least another episode. Have some other irons in the fire too. I’d love to visit Sweden someday – I love the people! You take care, Greg

  15. Hello Mr. Cummins,

    I just saw you on Amazon’s pilot episode of “Bosch”. I am so excited! It is great to see you on another show! And you look so handsome, as usual.
    I hope to see more of your character, Detective Moore. I wish you the very best.

    –your fan

  16. You are so cool on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia! I live in Japan and my IASIP DVDs have gotten me through many tough times. The episodes with Luther are at the top of my favorites. I hope to see you again on the show in the future. Have a Kick Ass 2014!

  17. Great to see this! Love the new spot! And hoping the series gets picked up! Merry Christmas to a great guy, both personally as well as professionally!

  18. Dear Mr. Cummins, I absolutely love your charector Luther on Its always sunny. My daughter introduced me to the show last year, and we stream it on netflix all the time, when we want to laugh. The episodes you appear in our some of our favorites. Sometimes we have to watch them all in a row. You always have such great timing and intensity. Were not sure how you are able to keep such a straight face amoungst all the silliness, but its great. Now, that we are fans we’ll be looking out for your future roles for sure. Health and happiness, Evonne

    • Thank you Evonne. I really appreciate the kind words. Being on that show has been a LOT of fun for me. Those guys are hilarious to work with and really nice too. And most of the time, it’s almost impossible to keep a straight face! Stay in touch, and thanks again! Greg

  19. Your first role that I can recall. The year is 1970, the place, Inland Valley Intermediate, ( As it was known then.), you played the role of the station agent in a play entitled “Mystery at the Depot.”
    You had a gray walrus moustache and a mop wig. Your first line- “Land ‘o Goshen!”
    From such little acorns do mighty oaks do grow.

    John F.

  20. Hi Greg,
    So great seeing you at the reunion! Even though our hotel rooms were next to each other (with Betsy in between) I didn’t get a chance to chat much. But, you took some amazing pictures! Can’t wait for the next reunion!!
    xoxo Paige

  21. Hello Mr. Cummings. I really enjoy your character on It’s Always Sunny. Sunny marathons are frequent in this house, and you are so enjoyable to watch! I hope we’ll get to see Luther again before the series ends. I’m curious, did you audition for that role, or did they reach out to you? I can’t think of a more perfect way to portray Mac’s dad, and your chemistry with Rob McElhenney makes dysfunction look adorable. Very well done, my friend. Take care.

    • Hi Carolyn, What a nice compliment, thank you! I hope we’ll get to see Luther again in more episodes too! I actually auditioned for the role. It was just a one episode character initially, but then they created more story lines for Luther in successive seasons, which was really nice. Those guys are really nice to work for, and hilarious. And yes, Rob is great to work with, very very talented. Thanks again for the kind compliments! Stay in touch, Greg

  22. Sir Gregory Scott Cummins,
    Nataliya has not seen you in a while. We hope all as well with you. Very appealing website, and impressive list of work.
    With best wishes in your career and future accomplishments, your friends.
    Lee & Nataliya

    • The Amazing Lee and Nataliya! I miss you guys. So good to hear from you. Hope to see you guys soon! Thanks for the compliment on the website. I have new headshots coming up from two photos sessions over the last month.

  23. Hey Greg, we talked today…Thank you for your condolences, hopefully we will live near each other! It may be difficult because of my incredible beauty…and your only wishes to look better than me.. Love ya buddy. Talk to you soon!

    • Jeremy! You’re getting so funny in your OLD AGE! You may be the best looking person in Oxnard. But I’ll be the best looking person in Camarillo! (And Oxnard) You guys be well and take care. Hope to see ya soon my friend!

  24. Hello Mr. Cummins,

    I love your character, Luther, on Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Will you appear in any upcoming films or television shows? After seeing you on “Sunny”, I will watch some of the films and tv episodes that you acted in previously so that I can look for you!

    Your fan,

    • Hi Brittany, thank you. I have loved every minute of working with everybody on “Sunny in Philly”. I always have a lot of shows that rerun but I never know when they will air in advance. I’ll make a post to let everybody know when anything new will air. Thanks for your support! Health and happiness! Greg

  25. Geez Greg, you’re a great actor, but MAN you’re ugly!
    Your Loving Brother Dave. How do you feel about me now.

    Hi Greg i am Dave’s friend Deborah and i have nothing to do with what he wrote. I enjoy looking at your Demo Reels.

  26. Hey there.. looks great if i do say for my self… hope all is well dude. Glad to be some help to ya..

  27. Forgot to list the leading role of Scrooge in Inland Valley Intermediate 1969 production of A Christmas Carol. Cheers, my friend.

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