update February 3, 2015

Hi all,  OK I finally have some air dates.  The Amazon Prime series “Bosch” is releasing all 10 episodes for binge watching on February 13, 2015.  This will stream to your computer or cell phone or I pad etc or to your tv if you have a computer hookup to the tv.  Now, Amazon Prime has some original shows and many other shows to download.  (They are making a big push to compete with Netflix steaming shows)  Here’s the key, they have subscriptions on a monthly basis, with a FREE 30 day trial.  More than enough time to watch the 10 episodes of “Bosch” (I’m in 7 of the 10 episodes – my role (Detective Moore Or ‘Crate’) is just one scene in the pilot episode but gets bigger and more involved as it goes on)  If you like Amazon Prime you can continue as a paid subscriber after the free first 30 days, or if you don’t want it, you can cancel before the 30 day period is up.

Now another show air date is the finale episode of this season’s “It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia”.  They have aired four shows up to last week on FXX network, which means if they stay on schedule, the episode “Mac Kills his Dad” (that’s me Mac’s dad) should air on March 18th.  The new shows usually air at 10 p.m. on FXX.  I’ll you know if that changes.

No word yet on the air date of NBC’s new show “Aquairus” starring David Duchovny where I play Charlie Manson’s parole officer.  But as soon as I find out, I’ll let everybody know.

Hope all of you are well, healthy and happy.

All the best,




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