Update: 11-10-2014

Hi all, been busy here which is always good!

By Thanksgiving I will have completed the 10th and final episode on the first season of the original Amazon Prime Series “Bosch”, based on the Michael Connelly detective novels, the screenplays are being co-written by Michael Connelly and Eric Overmyer.  This first season I was on 7 of the 10 episodes and my role is Detective Moore (nicknamed Crate).  To watch you will have to become a member of Amazon Prime streaming, (and becoming a member gives you free shipping on any purchases from Amazon).  I’ll let you know when they release the episodes for streaming.

I worked on just the first 3 episodes of the upcoming new NBC series “Aquarius” starring David Duchovny.  I play the role of Bruce Tamminy, Charlie Manson’s parole officer.  Not sure if they will be bringing my character back but there is always that possibility as it is a recurring character.  Not sure yet when it is going to air, but will let you know.

Finally, no word on the exact date of the airing of the episode “Mac Kills his Dad” from this upcoming season of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, but I believe the season starts in January, 2015 and my episode is the finale (last of the 10 new episodes coming out for this season).  My character Luther (Mac’s dad) finally makes his return to the show. Those guys are so damn funny.

So that’s all for now.  More updates later.  Wishing everyone health and happiness as always.


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