Update: 7-8-2014

Hi all !  Well, just finished shooting my role of Mac’s Dad – Luther on  “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” a couple of weeks ago.  The episode will be the season finale on this coming season’s new shows which should air in the fall?

Just got hired for a new series “Aquarius” with David Duckovny.  I’ll be playing a small but recurring role (Bruce Tamminy) as Charlie Manson’s parole agent.  We start shooting next week and I’m on at least the first three episodes.

And then we are slated to shoot 10 episodes of the web based series “Bosch” adapted from the Michael Connelly detective novels for Amazon Prime.  My role of Detective Moore (nicknamed Crate), is also recurring on that show as well.  They start shooting that from Aug. 11th through Thanksgiving.

So all is well on the work front for now.  More updates to come later.  Thanks for all your support and encouragement!

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4 thoughts on “Update: 7-8-2014

  1. My wife and I have probably watched at least fifteen episodes of Always Sunny this week. Mac’s Dad episodes are always fun, so we are happy to see that his wish to never see Mac again doesn’t mean he’s out of the show forever!

    Aquarius looks really good. It reminds me of The Following with Kevin Bacon, which was also very good. Keep us the good work!

    • Thanks Chris, I appreciate it. Ya, that’s where a lot of the humor comes from between Luther and Mac – Mac is desperately trying to have a relationship with his dad – and Luther doesn’t really give a shit about him -which creates some funny stuff – although- down deep – Luther does care a little – just way way down deep. I like “The Following” a lot. I’m sure “Aquarius” will do well. Viewers love Duchovny in everything he does – and the whole time period – late 60’s – the hippies – the music – the revolutions – civil rights – women’s rights – anti war – Kennedy and MLK assassinated – and add in Manson – scripts are really good. Thanks for touching base! Keep in touch! Greg

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