Update: 6-1-2014

Hi all!  Just a little update. Just heard from casting for “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, and they have written another episode with my recurring character Luther (Mac’s dad) for this upcoming season.  We will be shooting it sometime between early May and early to mid-July.  I always look forward to working with those guys.  They are all just so hilarious.

Some more good news.  Found out a little bit ago that pilot we shot for the Amazon Prime series “Bosch”, based on the Michael Connelly detective novels (which was co-written by Michael Connelly and Eric Overmeyer), has been picked up for a full first season of 10 episodes.  My role, Detective Moore or “Crate”,  although small in the pilot, is recurring and have been told that it will be a bigger part of the show if/when it got picked up.  I’ve heard they are writing the scripts now and I’m very excited to be working with all of them again. (PS- just got a heads up from the  show that they are shooting the new 10 episodes from August 11th, 2014 through Thanksgiving.  Looking forward to working on that again now as well. I think this show is going to really take off.

More updates later on.  Wishing everyone health and happiness,


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