Update: 7-16-2017

Hi all,

The first three seasons of Bosch have been available on Amazon Prime  Season 4 begins shooting in just a couple of weeks and will shoot through Thanksgiving.   And Season 4 will probably be up  on Amazon Prime for streaming sometime around April, 2018 roughly.  Anxious to see what’s in store in the new season  for all the characters on the show, especially for mine (Crate) Detective Moore and my partner (Barrell) Detective Johnson.

That’s all for now!

Thanks for your support everyone!  And Mahalo


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  1. Great news! Bosch is a favourite show of mine and enjoy seeing you in it! Hope to see you develop a bigger part in the show. Perhaps a spin-off ? Crate sounds like a show I would like to watch : )

    Take Care Greg!

    • Thanks Steven! Role probably won’t grow too much because they are following the novels pretty closely, but it’s possible they could expand it a bit. They were joking in the first season, the spin off would be “Crate & Barrel”! Because Crate isn’t Create without Barrel. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words Steven! You take care as well! Greg ps Are you Steve the CNA I know who helps my mom?

      • Hi Greg,
        thanks for the reply! I am just a big fan from the UK (you have many here).Shame,I was hoping there would be a Crate and Barrel spin off.

        P.S why do you give your son Mac such a hard time in “Always Sunny?” Second thoughts,I don’t blame you haha. Look after yourself big fella!

        • Haha, thanks Steven! It’s always sunny has been picked up for a season 13 and 14 now. Season 12 was going to be the last. So I’m hoping they write me in for a few more episodes before they finish. Never know about a Crate and Barrel spin off! haha We’ve actually joked about it on the set. Thanks for keeping in touch. I GREATLY appreciate the support. You take care too Steven. All the best to you! Greg

          • Great news about Always Sunny, would be great to do an episode with just you and Mac (the son you hate lol ) on a road trip similar to Road to Perdition haha.

            Bosch season 3 has been top drawer entertainment, always enjoy re-watching the previous seasons as well.

            What was it like working on Cliffhanger? Those films of the 80’s and 90’s are part of a magical age of cinema.Were they as fun to work on or was it just another day at work ?

            Thanks for finding the time to reply and take care

          • Hi Steven, Working on “Cliffhanger” was one of the most amazing adventures I’ve ever had shooting films on location. For the first three months we were hanging off cliffs all over the Italian Alps over 13,000 plus feet (seeing some amazing scenery- base camp was Cortina di Ampezzo) It was brutal conditions but at the same time the most amazing experience. Whenever I run into any of my fellow actors from that film, it’s still been everyone’s most incredible experience. The last 3 and a half months was at the studios in Cinecitta in Roma. So no, not just another day at work by any means. It was a rugged but wondrous adventure. We shot that in the spring/summer of 1992. Greg

          • Thanks for sharing that experience Greg, it’s always interesting to hear any details related to a film you enjoy.
            The film has a huge significance to me. It was the last film that I watched with my whole immediate family before my father passed.

            Also the British actor Craig Fairbrass used to serve me breakfast at his cafe in Woolwich (back around 1987).(small World).
            One of my friends is his cousin and obviously the film was a big moment for him.

            Was there any particular reason that they chose to film it in Italy and not in the U.S or Canada?

            I have to say I really enjoyed the third season of Bosch, I have watched it multiple times. The writing is top drawer as is the acting by all involved.The show deserves to go on for ages.

            Take Care and thanks for replying, always a pleasure!

          • Hi Steven, interesting, MY father passed on January 22nd, 1992 less than two months before I was hired to work on the movie. While shooting in such high and beautiful locations, it felt like I was up in heaven and closer to my dad. The filming up high above the clouds, and because of the loss of my dad, was a truly spiritual experience for me. That is touching hearing it was the last film your family watched together with your father before he passed. I know how tough that was for me, so I can empathize with you deeply. I loved Craig Fairbrass, he’s a great guy and we became pretty good friends. I’ve seen him occasionally over the years since at an audition here or there. Yes, that film was a big one for both of us. Small world indeed! Yes, very simple why they filmed in Italy. At that time, the dollar was strong, and the Italian Lira was EXTREMELY weak. One thousand dollars would get (2) due millione (4)quatro cento lira (which was basically 2,400 in return – which was almost 250% more purchasing power. So it was well worth flying people to Italy, because there was immense savings rather than shoot it in America’s mountainous regions like Colorado etc The locations and the helicopters and the hotels and equipment and food – they saved a lot of money filming there rather than here. Now though – with the strength of the Euro – that would never happen now – our dollar is weak next to the euro. Canada became a place later where American companies could get tax credits and about 30-40& more purchasing power because of the weaker Canadian currency to the American dollar- so a lot of filming later went up to Canada, but now it’s pretty even. The locations in Italy were spectacular, but I’m sure the main reason was what the producers could save by taking people over there and also hiring a lot of people locally. If you get a chance can you ask Craig’s cousin to relay to Craig that Greg Cummins said hi and wishes him well? Haven’t seen him for awhile, and we all became very close on that film. Craig was a super nice guy. Health and happiness to you always Steven! Greg

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